A number of companies are now looking at the progress of Project Redsand with the view to assisting in the future.

Meanwhile, two major civil engineering groups are playing an active part in the restoration of the Redsand Towers. They are Mowlem Marine (now Carillion) and Taylor Woodrow.  Project Redsand are extremely grateful to both companies for their foresight and dedication to the conservation of our heritage.  Both Mowlem and Taylor Woodrow have provided costly services to Project Redsand without charge.  Both companies have supported the Project from the outset and without their support, this project would be difficult to realise.



After several months of careful design and preparation, Mowlem Marine successfully completed the installation at the G1 (south) tower at Redsands.

The ‘bespoke’ access system was built off-site at the Mowlem Marine base at the foreshore in Northfleet, Kent only a few hundred metres away from the birthplace of the Thames Sea Forts.  The system comprises: an articulated ladder from the water line via a gangway to the fully hand railed landing platform.  A purpose made laddered tower to a high level working platform which is fully decked and hand railed.  An access ladder leads into the tower housing. Most of the materials employed were donated by the ex – Dartford River Crossing working platforms.

The Redsand Towers area was a restricted zone during the 6 day operation, monitored by the Port of London Authority Port Control at Gravesend.

The six team members of Mowlem Marine were accompanied by an experienced maritime crew who looked after the three vessels employed. They were: The “Mobility” which was moored alongside G1, A safety tug in attendance throughout and a Uniflote motorised pontoon complete with crane and man riders.  The assembly was floated between the tower columns at a critical period at high water then lifted into position using heavy chain hoists manned from the tower housing above.  The system was then secured to the tower at the upper cap and to all four columns above the high water mark.

A number of detailed “action shots” showing the operation in progress will be shown here very soon.

Special thanks to the participants for their courage and hard work: Lee Walker, Colin Soley, Mark Cooke, Lee Noone, Christos Ferkiotis, Andy Woods, Dave Speller, Chris England and George Stillwell.

Grateful thanks to those who supplied and donated materials and equipment:

RMD Supports, MLM Marine Craft,  NRC Crane Hire, Sandfords Lifting Equipment, Speedy Hire, Contract Welding services and Ravenstock Cabins.

For further information on Mowlem Marine and Taylor Woodrow please follow the links:



Project Redsand is an active participant in the Thames Gateway Expansion program.  At the entrance to the Port of London, one of the busiest ports in the world, the Thames Estuary is now a key development area with significant developments in the renewable energy industry and a possible new airport.

Project Redsand are looking for sponsorship and funding to complete this exciting project. If you would like to join this determined team in reaching for its final goal, the restoration and productive use of this unique structure, soon to be the only building of its type in the world, we would be pleased to hear from you.

If you would like to see your company’s name added to our list of sponsors please contact Project Redsand without delay at:  admin@project-redsand.com

Other Support and Consent

Contact has been made with Government agencies, suppliers of materials and others who may be able to be of help and assistance in the project. The response to date has been encouraging, with support and/or approval to proceed having been received from:


The size of the task is fully understood by the Project Managers. They are, however, confident that support to undertake the work required will be forthcoming following completion of the structural survey, and formal approval to proceed is given by the relevant authorities.

These days there are few adventures to be undertaken close to home. However, this is one, and one considered to be well worth undertaking.

Project Redsand CIO is funded entirely by donations


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JNP Technical Solutions Ltd


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