Progress Report 2017

Workday 18th June 2017 0900hrs sailing From Queenborogh ATL, sunny 30oc

Attended by Alan Harmer, Ray Pashley, David Phillips, Neal Short, Steve Groves, Seb Groves, Steve Christian, Ramon Potter, Paul, Bob Vine, Adam & Oisis

Work Details

Ramon & Steve C – Installation of log burner

Dave P & Bob – Running repairs to the generator

Ray, Steve & Seb – Removing the two support rods attached to the end of lifting jib to prevent further damage to fort G1

Neal, Ray & Paul – Light fittings & switches removed for restoration. Cables taken out of conduit for inspection in toilet area conduit in good condition, some parts will need to be replaced.

Steve G, Steve C – Crossed rope bridge to Control Tower for inspection of condition. Came back with 2 bulkhead light fittings and a urinal for restoration.

Adam & Oisis – Clean out & tidy up generator room.

Restoration Work

3 light fittings with metal shades & 1 shade to be cleaned up & rewired.

Urinal from control tower clean up.

Switches to be cleaned & serviced for electrical fit out.

Author Ray Pashley.

Jib removal

As can be seen from the photos, G1’s left hand support rod for the original crane jib had come adrift from the end bracket supporting both rods to the end of the jib. The rods are of a steel construction with threaded ends and “sandwiched” between the end plate, with 2 washers fastened by a large nut. Corrosion had taken place over the last 74 years and the hole that was supporting it in the bracket had enlarged significantly to allow the rod to simply fall free with only the other end keeping it captured at the fort side.
As the the other rod was now looking skewed, it was decided to remove both the rods to ensure the safety of others from falling objects.
Steve Groves, Steve Christian and Sebastian Groves were the team that removed the rods with the assistance of Ramon Potter and David Phillips as anchors. They were cut away by Steve Christian. The jib is perfectly safe as it is securely mounted within the tower.

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