Progress Report 2015/16

10/09/16 cancelled due to high winds


Boat – X-Pilot

1) Log burner fitted
2) 4″ down pipe fitted onto toilet soil pipe work
3) Generators checked by DP, BV, NS
4) Metalwork cut away on lower platform
5) 2nd floor cleaned of rubbish and swept
6) New windows/ surrounds assessed and some welding carried out. Metal angle taken away for pre-fabing.


Boat – X-Pilot
Remove graffiti, paint over.
Log burner – flue 5″
6″ cutter required
90 degrees we need 6″ hole saw
45 degrees we need 8″ hole saw
Replace flue to S/S with 90 degree elbows instead of 45 degrees.


Boat – X-Pilot
Installation of wood for fendering.
Last now in place and looking good.
Aerial mast – new guide ropes installed.
Window sold £30.00


Boat – X-Pilot
Installation of wood for fendering.
Work cut short due to adverse weather. Wind got up to a very high level.
Boarding the boat (X-Pilot) became dangerous but all got on board safely for a bumpy ride back to port.


Boat – X-Pilot
Ammunition store cleared out.
New log burner assembled.
Wood off-loaded onto platform for fendering.
Top platform door hinge removed for replacement, door secured.
Boiler room door cent freed up.
Plastic shuttering put up over windows in genie room.

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